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Thank you for your interest in helping to engage, support, and empower teens through accessing vital community resources!

2-1-1 Teen Helpline Posters Are Here

The Steuben Rural Health Network at The Institute for Human Services, Inc. has created an outreach campaign in the following areas: mental health, substance use (tobacco, alcohol, opioids), and teen pregnancy. The campaign project for the 2-1-1 Teen Helpline was made possible (in part) by the Health Research Incorporated (HRI), NYS Department of Health.

If you are an institution that would be interested in having 12” X 18” posters (10 different designs) or a small flyer, 8.5” X 11”, please COMPLETE A 2-1-1 TEEN HELPLINE POSTER REQUEST BELOW!

Download the Inspire Toolkit

This toolkit serves as an educational guide for young people, youth-serving professionals, community leaders, and activists to take action and intentionally engage youth in seeking help for their friends and for themselves. It aims to equip you with the tools, strategies, and resources to assist you in incorporating 2-1-1 Teen HELPLINE within your agency, classroom, or program.

In this toolkit, you will find key messages, customizable items for sharing your support with the media, social media graphics, website buttons for linking to 2-1-1 Teen HELPLINE – and more!

Download the toolkit now or find specific pieces below!


Use the following graphics and sample posts to help promote 2-1-1 Teen HELPLINE via Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Embed links in each graphic.

Twitter / X

Use the following graphics and sample posts to help promote 2-1-1 Teen HELPLINE via Twitter.

Press Release

Use the customizable press release below to share your support of 2-1-1 Teen HELPLINE with the local media and public.

Press Release: Empowering Local Youth through 2-1-1 Teen HELPLINE Connections

Drop-In Article

Use this article in your organization’s next e-blast or share with your local school district to include in their communications.

Call. Search. Chat. Get Connected with 2-1-1 Teen HELPLINE

The problems of today’s youth are vast and complicated. From their inner selves to family and outside influences, young people face more challenges than ever before.

According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, 92% of teens (aged 13-17) report going online daily, with 24% reporting that they go online “almost constantly.” It is evident that this amount of digital connection includes seeking information about sensitive health topics, many of which may seem too personal or too uncomfortable to discuss.

Often, a simple online search is the extent of exploring an issue, with no real connection to support or guidance in seeking answers – but 2-1-1 Teen HELPLINE is here to help!

(Or make it your own! Insert facts or statistics that you believe not only show the importance of 2-1-1 Teen HELPLINE, but will engage your organization’s specific audience!)

Empowering teens through connections to local community resources, 2-1-1 Teen HELPLINE is an outlet for youth to share their experiences and receive support in finding help.

A free, safe, and confidential source of support and information for youth, parents, and professionals, 2-1-1 Teen HELPLINE operates 24/7 through the various platforms – including calling the contact center, searching the website, and chatting online for meaningful, guided connections to help.

Users of the website,, can search by program category, keyword, and zip code. Program details include contact information, location information and Google map links, as well as program description details.

Teens, parents, and youth-serving professionals can access information and get connected to a variety of local programs, services, and community resources, including topics such as: bullying & violence, money smarts, sexual and reproductive health, education & career, and many more!

Learn more by visiting or dialing 2-1-1 (1.800.346.2211)!

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Stress management

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Psychology & mental health

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Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.

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