Privacy Policy

This web app collects certain information from users of the app. All data collected is completely anonymous, unless you expressly give us permission to store it (as in the case of registering for an account).

What data we collect

We collect anonymized browsing data such as keywords being searched for, and which resource get viewed the most.

We do not connect this data to personally identifiable information. It’s collected and stored anonymously.

In the case of visitors who register a user account, we also store information (such as email and username), provided voluntarily, in a secure database for purpose of letting you save resources in a list.

Why we collect data

User accounts are, of course, collected so that you can save settings and resources for later access.

Anonymous tracking data is stored so that we can improve the user experience, and determine how effective our tools are.

How we collect data

Data is collected one of two ways:

1. Anonymously using Google Analytics tracking scripts.

2. Through form fields that are filled out voluntarily by viewers.

Who we share your data with

Data is stored in a few third party servers, such as Google Analytics, and on databases hosted in places like Amazon. These are basic services that are required to run this app. We cannot operate without them. They adhere to strict industry policies of security and privacy. They will not share your data without our permission, and we will not share it without your consent.

We never share identifiable data with third parties without your express consent.

How to have your data removed

If you would like us to remove your user account, please email from the email you used to sign up, asking us to remove your account.

Additional questions

If you have any other questions about what data we collect, or what we do with it, please direct questions to: